Equipment and Technology

Biomass Utilization

Biomass Power Generation

A power generation system that utilizes biomass fuel.

Biomass Heat Utilization

A system that utilizes thermal energy from biomass fuel.

Biomass Fuel Production System

A system that produces fuel from biomass.

Liquid Fuel

A system that produces liquid fuel from biomass.

Ethanol A system that produces ethanol from biomass.
Methanol A system that produces methanol from biomass.
Biodiesel Fuel A system that produces fuel for diesel engines from biomass.
Dimethyl Ether A system that produces dimethyl ether from biomass.
Others Other liquid fuel production systems.

Gas Fuel

A system that produces gas fuel from biomass.

Methane Fuel A system that uses methane fermentation by anaerobic microorganisms in organic materials.
Hydrogen Fuel A system that produces hydrogen gas from biomass.

Solid Fuel

A system that processes biomass to solid fuel.

Refuse Derived Fuel A system that forms solid fuel with specified shape and quality from refuse biomass.
Carbonization A system that carbonizes biomass to make solid fuel.
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